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Lyrics to "Harder We Come"

I said the harder we come The harder they go down You're coolin' for a minute Then you're dirt in the ground I cant cruise around town Cause I'm all outta luck I pound two drinks Then I stumble out the truck I left my cash at home And I'm starting to mumble What happened to the days When I used to be humble Now every time i'm out Some dude wanna rumble I cant go to sleep without doing a _ In this concrete jungle Its real hard to survive An everyday struggle just to stay alive There’s no one on the street That’s looking out for me That monkey on my back ain't ever gonna leave And you can feel all the greed And you can see all the violence Rather speak my mind Than to sit here in silence No ones gonna find us We’ll be here all alone Another lost soul From another broken home

When it comes to this I'm always gonna bleed Cause it's the only thing that I know how to be I said that's the only thing that I know how to do I did it for myself, its never for you And all the things I been through Man, you wouldn’t believe I got scars on my face and I wear it on my sleeve And you can tell when I breathe Everything is with passion You got no style All u got is fucking fashion You know that I'm passin' I ain't having none of it Stay true to yourself And something's gonna come of it Later down the road When you're haggard and old 60 years old with the mic control Another words I'm saying I'm never gonna stop I'll do it all my life, I'll do it till I drop You can call all the cops Unplug the set But know that my respect You ain't ever gonna get

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