Lyrics to "Ring The Alarm"

Shawty’s round the block but I wish she was gone Cause every time we kick it something always goes wrong And I ain’t even really trying to pick up the phone Cause everything I say is gonna come out wrong Junkies on the corner always doing me harm Always trying to get me put that shit in my arm Empty my bank, maybe take out a loan Every other day I’ve got to ring the alarm Oh Lord, Oh Lord Ring the alarm Ring the alarm Jessie’s not 16 but she’s still underage If I was her dad I’d lock her up in a cage She looks like 21 but I’m trying to bail Then out come the cops to take my ass into jail We know what you did, yeah we know what you’ve done Your’re getting girls drunk who are under 21 They say I lost all my luck and I lost all my charm And every fucking day they’ve got to ring the alarm Oh Lord, Oh Lord Ring the alarm Ring the alarm Damn, my landlord gotta ring the alarm Drinking in my car and they ring the alarm Driving on the beach and they ring the alarm Playing my guitar and they ring the alarm Bang bang, shawty wanna ring the alarm Needle in your arm, you’ve got to ring the alarm No matter my luck no matter my charm As soon as I'm gone they're gonna ring the alarm

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