Lyrics to "All On Me"

At first I didn't wanna see you Then I grew to always need you Now I see you everyday Never did me wrong, never did complain I'll try to find a way around it But I know when I have got a habit Guess I should accept my fate Cause the pain rolls off When I feel your rain on me

All On Me Feel it all on me All On Me

I know I shouldn't speak about it Can't go another day without it Know when I am wasting away Let it rule my nights And fuel my days I'm losing all that's good about me I'll end up like them fools around me So much left that remains But it all rolls off When I feel your pain on me

All On Me Feel it all on me All On Me 1,2,3,4

The Feelings that I had Have faded away And I feel it grow cold everyday And I got to find a plan Or change my ways To get back to who I am And who I wanna be

Wanna be Who I wanna be Wanna be

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