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Lyrics to "Back Down"

It's OK to slowdown. Ain't no need to burnout

There's no way, no how. We will not back down

When they come with the violence, come with a beating

Come with emotion, come with the healing

Come with something strong, so we can move along

Come for the fighting, come for the bleeding

Don't believe I don't really need it

Come with a brand new song. So we can get along

One day, Somehow. We will all sing loud.

There's no way, no how. We will not backdown. No Way!

So when they come and they kick down your front door

Don 't ever let em get you for sure

Stand up now, its a war

Backing down to fear no more

Say it once and make it loud

Masked up faces in the crowd

Voice of those that can't be heard

Babylon battler

For the peace they know we'll fight

People they know their rights

Hit the fuckin' streets at night

Blind em till they see the light

History it has been said

Fight for the people that are dead

Hoping that they'll hear our words

Saying that they matter

One day, somehow. We will sing loud

There's no way, no how. We will not back down. No way!

No Way!

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