Lyrics to "Doin' What I'm Doin"

Well I've been known to put some cold ones back Get high at the bar Get tossed out, land flat on my back And I’ve been known to stay up past dawn Smoked out, start a fire in the kitchen And they ring the alarm And I been known to play guitar all night Waking up with a chick, that in the light Ain’t looking quite right And I been looking around But I can’t really focus Knowing that I cant keep doin' what I’m doin'

Cause I’m a little bit older But I still ain’t wise I got the fifth of vodka And case of weiser Driving up and down the road Can’t get no higher Watching for the cops that be coming behind ya And I been doing all those things that I used to do There’s never money to spend But always something to use Why cant I refuse You know I gotta resist To get this thing off, I need my brain to the fullest

Even now that I’m buzzin’ I still be speaking the truth You’re thinking that it won’t, but it will happen to you And now your moneys all gone and all your family too You wanna lay low but there’s just nothing you can do I said you wanna back out but now it’s bigger than you Before you play the game, you gotta learn the rules And now you pay all your dues And try to keep on moving Knowing that you cant keep doin' what your doin'

Cause I’m the one that you want The one you desire The one that'll go and set your car on fire I’m the one with punch, the one with the plan The one with the 40oz drink in his hand And I’m the one with the gun, the one with the passion The one with the bed that you can always crash in I’m the one with the green, the one with the songs The one that will keep you rocking all night long, come on All night long, come on I wanna keep you rocking all night long, come on

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