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Lyrics to "Lorraine"

Coolin' out on my porch today I saw heina come passin my way I hopped up and I grabbed my skate I asked hunny for her name She said my name is Lorraine We got a party goin' on today And there’s a whole lotta booze And you ain't gotta pay She said it’s cool And we walked up the stairs I grabbed a couple of chairs And you can take it from there

We got to rappin' and I gotta confess This little hunny I was trying to impress She got her name tatted across her chest I keep giving her lines Until I got nothing left I’m outta breath and were nearing the end I gotta think of something quick Before we end up just friends You trying to chill or you wanna just hang out I got my own spot and if you’re drunk you can crash out Pull the couch out, you can max out I’ll be in the very next room with the lights out, passed out No doubt, man its gonna get crazy 9 months from now she’ll be having my baby

No Lorraine, you’re never one of the same But why you gotta go and leave me in pain? Why u gotta gotta mess with my brain You know not enough love will drive a man insane Its kinda lame, cause she wanna just bail out I’ll hit her up once I get home and I sober out Clean it up and she’s bound to get with me 9 months from now I’ll be still acting shifty

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