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Lyrics to "Over You"

You don't know a thing about me, you never cared at all

Finally, I don't feel badly, that I had to let you go

Realized I wasn't happy, till someone new came along

Looks like it could get ugly, but I gotta let you know...

I'm Over You

I'm Over You

Over You

You know it's true

So long, it isn't healthy and were not getting along

It's obvious it isn't working and we'd never make it at all

So I got up and left yeah, I got no need to confess yet

You never missed a chance to doubt me, now I gotta let you know

I'm Over You

I'm Over You

Over You

You know its true

And its a Cruel World were living in these daze

I got no time for your tricks, I got no time for your games

I got no time in my life for your drama

You're petty and toxic and nobody wants ya

I'm over you like I'm over the election, the pandemic and the police system

I need some peace if ya know what I mean

I'm sick of staring at you and my TV screen

Bitch I'm over you

I'm over you

Over you

You know its true

I'm over You

I'm over You

Over you

I guess it's true...

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