Lyrics to "When You Fall"

The first of all to come along You took my innocence for fun You're gone for now but for how long The days are short and nights so long The beauty, the fun, the wrong, the right Together we slip into the night I'm thinking of you, I thought that I might They're closing the doors, alright And I don't wanna go I don't wanna go I don't wanna go I don't wanna go I don't wanna go, I don't wanna make a scene Tell me that's it's make believe Maybe that it's just a dream Wake me up, hear me scream Somewhere lost in between Reality and fantasy Stuck in life, endlessly You cut me off, like before But I'm begging for some more Kicking down your front door Hit it till' I'm feelin' sore Behind the grass and the trees You took it all away from me Beauty in its infancy Maybe we could plant a seed Don't sail along without me Can't think of life without you in my arms Don't make a move without me And I'll be there to catch you when you fall When you fall

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