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Lyrics to "Yesterdaze"

Spend too much of my time thinking about yesterdaze

Dwelling on the way things used to be

The times we had, all the laughs that we shared

It's all in the past I can't stop and stare

Spend too much of my time thinking about you & me

And what we had, it just ain't fair

We've all moved on and I'm sure that you don't care

Still I cant help but stop and stare

Spend too much of my time thinking about how things used to be

And how I wish that I could go back

Memories dancing around my head

Turn it off, live life instead

Woooaahhh, ohhhh, oohhh

(And I'm stuck on the outside)

Woooahh ohhh ohh

(And I'm looking in)

Woaaahh ohh ohh

(Keep looking backwards)

Woahh ohh ohh

(but I cant see in)

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